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The Original pocket size audio mixer and amplifier.
Hear it all: radar detector, talking GPS, MP3, CD, CB, Satellite radio... ANY four devices with a headphone jack, simultaneously!

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About Us:

IT Designs was founded with a simple idea: to provide the motorcycling community with an easy to use,
high quality, portable audio mixer and amplifier. The company was founded and is maintained by
John A. Brown, a computer engineer and long distance motorcycle rider. The Mix-It concept was
developed beginning the summer of 1996 after I became frustrated with make-shift solutions to a general
problem many motorcycle riders face: being able to hear music at highway speed and additionally, being
able to hear more than one device at a time. Searches for a solution were fruitless, which drove me to
develop my own circuits, building upon 15 years of experience working in television and recording studios
and a solid engineering background. This project started as a personal solution to the problem, but as
friends and other motorcycle rally goers learned of my device, they asked to buy one. It didn't take long
to realize there was a market for this product. My attention turned to actual production of the Mix-It which
required a more comprehensive solution than the rats nest of wires contained in my personal unit.
Development began and compatibility issues ironed out through several developmental prototypes and the
help of a couple friends who road tested them, in addition to myself. The final product was introduced at the
Blitz to Branson rally in April of 2003. The Mix-It2 was built to meet customer requests for more amplification,
a priority circuit, a true battery low indicator, while maintaining the same size. The Mix-It2 was introduced in
July 2005.

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