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Unsolicited customer testimonials:


I want to take a minute and get back to you to provide some solid feedback
regarding your product and outstanding customer service.

First of all, the Mix-It2 is the answer and solution to the dilemma that all
motorcyclist face when trying to outfit your bike with navigational aid,
music and radar/laser detection. It was a piece of cake to mount and wire up
and I can't believe how much better my tunes sound. It makes my Zumo sound
like a HIFI system and it's great to have a real volume control within

I now have my Escort 9500IX and my Zumo 550 working harmoniously on my
Beemer and it is so functional to have the radar detector alert, while the
music attenuates on the fly. It's a whole new experience and I am able to
enjoy my ride and music to the utmost. "Situational awareness at its best"

Last but not least, your customer service is excellent!!! You answered all
of my questions quickly and shipping was fast. 

Thanks for making it possible,


John, I received the unit on Wednesday morning. Thanks for the quick shipping! I've tried it out several times so far and it's outstanding. I normally do not wear a helmet and I wanted something that would allow me to hear my radar detector through the speakers of my Goldwing without sacrificing the ability to use an MP3 player. The MixIt2 does it perfectly and I might even say it makes the MP3 player sound better. All in all an excellent product! Thanks again, KP, IL

John!  I just got my Mix-It2!  I have four (4) words for you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
I can't stop laughing with utter satisfaction!


I received the Mix-It2 Multiplexer and Etymotic ER-6i Earphones today. I installed the Multiplexer this evening and took a test ride. Thanks, this solves my mixing of signals from my Ipod and Garmin Zumo 550. I'm playing it through a set of amplified speakers from Uniqcycle and everything sounds great.

Thanks alot!


I got back from Americade on Sunday.  Used the Mix-it 2 throughout the trip: at various times I had my Pioneer Inno2 XM-2-go, my Lowranze GPS iway 250 and my Radio Shack CB all connected, with the GPS or the CB alternatively using the over-ride input.  Everything functioned perfectly.

I do not believe that any of my devices would have been affected by electroninc feedback interference from the bike in any case, but if they would have been, you'd never know it!

The volume control was great!!!

Many thanks.


Hey John...just a quick note to let you know I got the mini-mixit and it works perfectly. Exactly what is need for two item when one is a Garmin Nuvi. Thanks a ton for all your help.

Hi John, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but the weather is crapp here and I finally managed to get out and give it a good test yesterday. Thrilled with the unit and how it works. The prompt service was excellent (5 days) Cheers MG, NZ
I occasionally carry a small tape recorder hanging from a lanyard around my neck to make notes to myself while I am riding.  I had to raise the flip face so the built in mike would pick up my voice.  But it also picked up the wind noise.  I was looking for a way to use the use the intercom on my 1500 to make the recordings but could not find such a device on the usual sites. On a whim I contacted John Brown at Mixit via email explaining what I had in mind.  He said he could build such a device.  We traded a few emails just to be sure each one of us was on the same page as the other person.  He custom built me a unit that plugs in between the headset cable and the bike cable that includes a wire I can plug into the recorder.  Works great and I consider the price to have been very reasonable.  I can now make the recordings of my notes using the intercom for the audio output to the recorder.

Thanks John Brown.

A satisfied customer.

JB (posted on a motorcycle forum)

I have been meaning to write you and tell you how pleased I am with the Mix-it 2! It works fantastic. No extra cables or adapters, its great. I have been looking for something like this for years. I have a Escort Passport Solo S2 radar detector, and it works great with the Mix-it 2. I was just about to hang it up because I had to choose between radar detection or music.
I have switched to a lithium 9 volt battery to extend the service life. Will that have any adverse effect? Please feel free to use any or part of my email as a testimonial. This thing rocks!

my mixit 1 you fixed is working great, thanks for the great service WAY after the sale!! you are a top bloke kc
Hi John,

Everything works perfectly !!!

Buzz between the autocom and the garmin 2720 gps is no longer.

Excellent service, excellent product.

Thanks !!

Great, thanks again John.  You make a good product.

Thanks John,

You come highly recommended on ADVrider!

Ride Safe,
Received the Mix-It 2 today....Why was I fooling around with those other products?? It does exactly what I want and does it perfectly. ..
scratching around on the internet for motorcycle radar detector install,stealth style.came across mix-it web page.you never know where you'll end up sometimes scratching around for ideas and information.anyway,got to thinking, decided to send a you a hot mail.
traded in oig.mix-it several years ago
"which i never had a problem with" for the mixit 2 .
plug in passport 8500, zumo 550, i-pod. er-6's ,
been using it for a few years now. no problems whats so ever. good product , works every time ,thus far.
thanks john
Nothing like a satellite radio. I got a xm when they first came out over 2 years ago and mounted on my tank bag. Only problem is line out and no amplifier. Used a cassette player to a autocomm with autocomm speakers in my helmet. Ran my Street Pilot III through the auocomm also. Constant battle to keep going with all the wires, battery in the autocomm, engine noise, setting a volume. Went to the ralley and found my solution in the MixIt2. (mixitproducts.com)Small amplifier, isolated input for my Garmin, 4 inputs, suppresses ignition noise, Excellent amplification and control. Works from 9volt battery or cig lighter with a wide range of voltage. The Garmin is priority so will cut out music while speaking. Cleaned up the mess in my tank bag and works fantastically. I had to make my own custom mount at the time and now there are all sorts of bike mounts for all models of satellite radio. XM or Sirius, check their channel choices. My receiver goes from bike to car to office.

Posted on BMW MOA forum
Rec'd the package today, hard-wired it and tried it out in the garage...works great! Planning a ride to Groton, CT Saturday for a lunch. Should be a good road test.

Thanks for your help & fine product.



Received the Mix-It, installed already..... These days if a product actually performs as advertised I am usually surprised... But when it exceeds all my expectations I am amazed! Well done, thank you.

I am still working on that connector, If I can't get it I will send you a complete earbud ptt mike cord with the lengths needed. (have to figure out where to mount first). Thanks again, I am realy pleased.

Thanks John, just a note to let you know the Mix-it2 arrived today (fast!)
and I installed it and it works great. I'm using it on my motorcycle to
prioritize V1 radar and mix it in with Zumo (GPS and MP3) and iPhone (tunes
and internet radio)and then output to a bluetooth dongle (WiRevo D1000) to
play in my BT headset (Camos BTS200). The device is great and running it off
bike power means no more batteries. Best of all my volume problems are gone
too with no distortion. Great product.

Hi John
Just a note to let you know I recieved the mix it and finally installed it today.Works great! I'll  pass on your  info to who ever is interested and even give a demo.

Just wanted to give you some feedback on your unit..so far it is working perfectly and am very happy with the results I am getting at all levels...volume is very adequate on the EAR PLUGS I have installed, less volume when I use the J&M headset type of helmet....this is probably because the connection cord on the J&M is coiled up and heavy gauge wire, taking some of the volume power away from the unit.
The EAR PLUGS use a very small diameter wire and have awesome volume....works everytime! 
Thanks again for a great product and your cooperation in helping me get it set up properly....

Your MixIt2 helped keep me sane.  XM radio’s “National Lampoon Comedy Channel” and their dozens of music channels helped me stay calm in crappy traffic, and helped keep me in check when I might’ve lost patience, exceeded the speed limit, and gotten tickets for it.  Only one speeding ticket this year.  Not bad.

I haven’t tried yet hooking a whole bunch of audio input devices to the MixIt2, but I’ll let you know once I have, and I’ll provide you with feedback on my experiences.


Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent product.

My brother Dave and I just finished a gruelling 8 day, 5000 mile trip from the east coast across the US and up through Death Valley to Victoria BC. Thanks to the MC2, I was able to hum along with the satellite radio while still receiving the occasional directions from my GPS. Regrettably, we weren't able to try out the FRS radio interface. Probably a good thing since I got tired of listening to my brother after a few days anyway :) I considered my helmet the "cone of silence" in this respect.

Hope your trip to Alaska went as well as our's did. You went in the right direction I think, as we had to endure 100 degree plus temperatures for most of our trip.


PS, Victoria, BC June 2006

John, Well I got the Mix-It2 and used it on a trip down to Tucson.  I must say that it is a lot better than the original Mix-It.  No engine noise, just good music from the XM and some noise from the V1.  The V1 noise comes in handy sometimes.

Great product.


- BS, AZ June 2006

Dear John,  Called you, but you were on vacation til today... I finally got a little time to mail you my Mix-It.  It's the best piece of equipment on my three BMW bikes.  But as you can see it melted in the Hot Florida Keys (Key Largo) Sun while on top in the clear plastic pocket of my tank bag... well it kept on working... I can't be without it since it mixes my XM w/my Passport radar detector...  Anyway, my buddys spoke to you at the North Georgia Mountain Rally and you told them to have me send it to you with $10.00 and you would check it out and replace the melted cover.  So here it is!  I've met you at many BMW rally's and bought this unit from you... I think it was in West Virginia or Seattle...  Thanks John.

- GC, FL June 2006

Thanks John! Great service, just like when I bought the original Mix-It.  Great product, too. Looking forward to using the new version!

- RJ, MT April 2006
John, Made it to florida and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Mix-It2 it works great!

- MM, MO March 2006

John I've got a Garmin 2610.  BTW, I bought (very expensive) one of those tank bags that attaches to the fuel port so that it stands off the tank just a bit.  Got it from twistedthrottle.com made in Germany and it's slick, have brought power to the bag and installed my bulkhead connector for audio earphones.  Looks and works great, I'll take a photo and send it along later.

BTW the Mix-It and ER6i work great, fidelity is very impressive and while they look like the old ones (I gave them to a friend) they seem a bit more comfortable, although we didn't ride all that long today, went to Colo Nat. Monument sightseeing, gorgeous day 50 - 55.

- RA, Feburary 2006
Hi John, 
I have two of your Mix-It 2's and I love them.  My second one had a weird experience, but now works perfectly.  Last month I rode to my River City Beemer meeting and the sound worked great.  After the breakfast meeting was over I rode to A&S BMW, but noticed that the sound was muffled and crackly and acted like my earphone plug was malfunctioning.  I then noticed a white powder substance around the stereo plug in.  The rest of day I was battling the Mix-it with the sound cutting in and out.
When I got home I sprayed some contact cleaner inside the plug-in and then with a small cotton Q-tip I cleaned the inside of the plug-in.  Since then the sound has been perfect and my ear phones connect properly.
I'm glad that the cleaning cured the problem.  The odds of someone sabotaging the plug-in are so remote, but I can't figure out where the white substance came from.  I don't think it was corrosion because my other Mix-it has never had a white powder or substance at all.
Like I said, a weird experience.
Keep up the good work,
- KR, CA February 2006
Thank you very much for the quick and friendly service! I really like the unit! The sound quality is superb!
-RF, FL May 2005

John, got the Mix-It and it works great. thanks for a speedy shipment and a great product. It was exactly what I was looking for. I will spread the word about the unit to my other biker friends.

- DH, CA May 2005

I just got this last night but I love it!!!! I use a mini-tankbag with an Archos Jukebox MP3 player. I also have a Garmin 2610 GPS, RAM mounted to my Heli-bars, in the center. The MP3 player has always had an OK volume but I know I was loosing lots of sound quality so I decided to try the Mix-It to see if it would help. I also wanted to add the optional Garmin 2610 patch cord so I could hear the audio alerts from the GPS.

I use some Sony earbuds plugged into the Mix-It output jack. The MP3 is plugged into one of the four input stereo jacks and so is the Garmin 2610.

The results were incredible.

Amplifies the signal and allows you to reduce the volume of the MP3 player, creating a higher quality of sound and saving on the MP3 batteries. I can't say enough about the difference in sound quality this item makes.

Comes with a cig lighter 12volt power cord, I cut the end off mine and added a bmw plug for plugging into my right fairing.

A large volume knob makes it easy to turn the volume up or down quickly, yet it is firm enough to not accidentally turn itself, as in a tank bag.

There are two more available input jacks for a radar detector, cell phone (in case you want to hear it ring) or XM Radio.

I don't think it's waterproof, would be nice to have a version that you could install in a fairing or right/left fairing pocket lid, something more permanent.

- JN, Texas

I've used this for the last year on my Harley and soon on my ST. I think it works great and really like it.

John Brown who makes it is a terrific guy and a great help with any issues you might have using it. I had all kinds of power noise and ground loop issues that he helped me sort out. It had nothing to do with the Mix-It, it had to do with all the other crap I was trying to hook up into it but John helped me with all of it.

I never wrote up a full review on that stuff but you can get a feel for what I was doing with from a couple things I posted on my website. Basically I found a small fly fishing tackle box that I could fit the Mix-It in and then drill holes in it to get to the power, volume, and all the jacks. After I did that I ran the MP3 player, GPS, radar detector, and cellphone all into and ran the output into the line-in on the Harley's stereo. Worked great and managed to figure out a way to use the intercom for the voice input to the cellphone so I could talk on the phone. All that will some cables and the Mix-it. Can't say enough good things about it.


- CG, Wisconsin

Thank you John,

Your Mix-It worked flawlessly on a recent 5K mile trip out west. I decided to eliminate the engine noise after the battery died. Not a bad little battery, after two weeks of daily use, I had to go to bike power. Our Wal-Mart does not sell a replacement battery just STandard 9volt batteries.

I really like the large volume knob.

-RB, Arkansas

Hey, John ...

Okay, okay - You were 100%, absolutely right !!! I received the ER-6's yesterday afternoon and played last night with 'em for bloody HOURS! (missing some sleep in the process, damn it!) Even with just my little Rio Cali MP3 player (which is no powerhouse) they sound WONDERFUL ... A far, far cry better than my Sony earbuds (which were not THAT much cheaper, really), and somewhat a whole new experience due to the Etymotic's incredible sound isolation properties. These could easily double as earplugs when you turn the music off, and I will probably use them that way too on rides when I have music along. Damn near DEAD silence when you have them in, and they go so far in I cannot imagine them causing any discomfort in a helmet (though I have not gotten to go riding with 'em yet ... but certainly soon, this weekend for sure, if nothing else).

Just wanted to let you know they arrived safely, and that your recommendation was 100% SPOT-ON !!!

Thanks again, and again, and again ... <grin>


-AP, Corpus Christi Texas

I used the Mix-It on my Yamaha FRJ1300 during the 2003 Iron Butt Rally. I was using it to mix audio sources and feed it into the aux-in on my Hondaline CB/Intercom. The Hondaline unit died due to water intrusion near Lake City, FL (the half-way point). The Mix-It was then pressed into primary duty to mix my audio and feed it straight into my ear monitors. Of course, I no longer had a CB, but the MixIt ran day and night without a hitch for the entire rally; feeding me audio from my MP3 player, GPS and Valentine 1. I use the MixIt on my bike regularly and continue to be pleased with its performance.

- MJ, TX

BTW, the Mix-It works great. I've been using it with a V1, an FRS and either an MP3/CD player or a Roady XM radio plugged in, going into earmold speakers. I recently rode a friend's bike who had an AirRider with all the same stuff plugged into it. The sound on the Mix-It was better, and I found that being able to hear all the audio sources at the same time worked much better than the AirRider's "override" system, where the lower priority sources cut in and out when, say, the V1 goes off. And as for ruggedness - 9000+ miles on the Iron Butt Rally and it was about the only thing that didn't break. Great idea, great implementation.


I'm glad to advertise your product, as it is the best that I have found inhe last 15 years. I went through 60 miles of down pour Monday, and didn't even worry about it getting wet.



Hi, Thanks for the rally discount! After listening to the Mix-It today I would have gladly paid the extra $10.00!!! I connected up my Autocomm to the Mix-It, my new XM radio, some earplugs and headed down the road on my FJR1300. The sound quality blew me away! WOW! what a difference - I can actually hear bass, I didn't even know the Autocomm speakers had bass!!! I could hear every word - even at excessive speeds :-) Thanks and I hope you sell a Jillion of these! I wish I had invented it!

-AA, Houston TX

This $130, IT Designs, electronic marvel allows me to listen to my Valentine detector, XM radio, and my Street Pilot III gps and still has room for one more stereo input. I use my molded earplugs with speakers and everything works as advertised. I can adjust volume as needed and the Mix-It uses either a 9 volt battery which lasts for about 40 hours or it comes with a 12 volt cigarette plug. I use my tank bag electrification kit and I don't hear any motor static while riding. Get more information or order from their website. www.mixitproducts.com/ or call 269-353-3614. IT Designs, John A. Brown, Owner, 5831 Powderhorn Drive, Kalamazoo MI 49009. Thumbs up! Another personal use item tested and rated by Kim Rydalch.

-KR, Fair Oaks, CA

Check out the River City Beemers club in Fair Oaks, California:
and the actual newsletter:

Works as advertised. I leave it sticking out of the left side of my tankbag. It is VERY handy to reach down with my left hand and adjust the volume as needed. Absolutely no problems what so ever. It went throught a lot of rain when I forgot to "tuck" it into the tank bag (I forgot several times) with no ill effects. The outer 1" of the label is coming off but I do not care in the
least*. In fact it gives it a tougher, meaner look!

Original battery lasted for almost 5000 miles. In fact the only reason I replaced it was that I was sure it couldn't last much longer and I didn't want to fool with it by the side of the road.

With my mp3 player and V1 it BLASTS when driving my modified Koss/earplug speakers. Volume is not a problem.

The only complaint I have and it is a tiny one, is that the on/off switch is a bit of a pain in the ass for my fat fingers to get to, especially with gloves on. We need to hit up Mike Valentine for the supplier of his knobs that incorporate the on/off with the volume, but make sure to use the big silver, knurled knob from yours.

Make it smaller and less plasticky for a higher perceived value for the weenies. (I could care less, FUNCTION baby!)

Great product, as I told you before I had looked for such a thing for a long time. I hope you sell a zillion of them and get very rich. (I am a small business owner and always root for the little, clever guy)

Good luck!!

- BK, Kansas

* Original units used a paper label with a plastic protective sheet over it, they were not, to say the least, weatherproof. Starting in July 2003, I switched to custom made lexan labels and to date there are no reports of labels peeling or falling off.

Hi John! I just got back from a trip using the Mix-It for the first time and it worked terrific! I rode through several hours of frog strangling rain and the MixIt worked great the whole way! In fact, it wouldn't turn off at the end of my ride. The power switch apparently shorted on, and I had to remove the battery to turn the unit off. At least it stayed on though! After it dried the next morning, it worked normally again. The label fell off not long into the ride, that's the only real problem I've had with the unit, thanks!
- FS, Texas

NOTE: Early units were shipped with a paper label with a protective sheet covering, it was not weatherproof by any means. In July of 2003, lexan labels finally arrived and every unit since then has used the improved label. There hasn't been a report of a label falling off since switching to the new label.

It works great. Thanks for the prompt shipment.
- KR, Minnesota

I just got back from a 2000 mile ride with the Mix-It for the first time. It worked great.
- GT, California

I wanted to let you know that the Mixit is a good match for the Delphi.
- DP, California

If the PRODUCT works half as good as the SERVICE I will be thrilled! Thanks for doing your best!
- DF